Collahuasi Project

Collahuasi Project Design included mechanical design audit, chute designs (4 chutes) joint venture with Krupp, and provided control system logic. Additional Forensic work done on site in 2009 and 2011.

Year of Construction: 2003
Location: Collahuasi Project, Chile
Length : 3.284 km
Power: 14,400 kW
Capacity: 11,400 tph
Strength: ST-2550, ST-4400 N/mm
Velocity : 6.5 m/s
Material: Copper Ore

Chute Design
Project scope included chute design and DEM analysis for four chutes, each with capacity up to 8,500 tph.
Number of Chutes: 4
Chute Design: Yes
ROCKY DEM Analysis: Yes
Capacity: 8,500 tph

Interesting features:

  • Downhill horizontal curves
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