Impumelelo Project – World Record

Impumelelo Project included mechanical design, control design, component selection, commissioning, and chute design. CDI Partner was ELB Engineering Services Ltd.

Year of Construction: 2015
Location: Republic of South Africa
Length : 26.8 km
Power: 4,900 kW
Capacity: 1,920 tph
Strength: ST-2000 N/mm
Velocity : 6.54 m/s
Material: Coal

Chute Design
Project scope included chute design and DEM analysis in a system conveying coal up to a design of 2,400 tph.

Number of Chutes: 2
Chute Design: Yes
ROCKY DEM Analysis: Yes
Capacity: 1,920 tph operational and 2,400 tph design

Interesting Features:

  • Worlds Longest Single Flight Belt Conveyor.
  • Four horizontal curves at 4,600 m, 4,600 m, 6000 m, and 10,200 m radius.
  • Low rolling resistance rubber belt.
  • Idler spacing is 4.5 m x 9 m.
  • Intermediate drive station further reduces belt tension but requires complex control system.
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