Los Pelambres - World Record

The 12.7Km project is located at Antofagasta Minerals’ Los Pelambres Mine in Chile. The system consists of three downhill belts located inside tunnels with a total drop of 1.3km. In total they can generate up to 25 MW power!

In the Los Pelambres project, CDI developed the basic mechanical design, brake system design, PLC logic, and commissioned the conveyor.

CDI has assisted with several upgrades of this conveyor since it was originally commissioned.

Year of Construction: 2000 / 2008 (Incremento de tons.)
Location: Chile
Length: 15,653 km
Power: 25.000 kW
Capacity: 9.900 tph
Strength: ST-7800 N/mm and ST-4000 N/mm
Velocty: 6.8 m/s
Material: Copper

Interesting Features:

  • Selection and automatic sequence of feeding with closed loop of tonnage control.
  • Belt operation at different speeds.
  • Optimized motor control, load distribution and shutdown according to system requirements.
  • Combined digital and proportional braking control.
  • Stop control with 3 levels of motor control and 5 levels of braking.
  • Automatic positioning of shuttle carriage and control of the stockpile level.
  • Supervisor system with advanced help links.
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