Mutuca Project

Mutuca Project Design services included mechanical design, dynamic analysis, specification of all major equipment, brake system design, instrumentation, and control system design. The control system design included the logic development and programming (Allen Bradley PLC5/30), supervisory system (FactoryLink) development and programming, on-site commissioning, and performance testing.

The project is a 3.6 Km route at 3300 TPH for the transportation of iron ore consisting of one overland, two downhill and four plant conveyors. It also included two silos, one feeder system, and interfacing to the stacker / reclaimer systems.

Year of Construction: 1995
Location: Mutuca, MBR, Brazil
Length : 3.551 km
Power: 2,100 kW
Capacity: 3,200 tph
Strength: ST-2400, ST-1300, and ST-1680 N/mm
Velocity : 4.65 m/s
Material: Iron Ore

Interesting Features:

  • DC drives on downhill and overland conveyors.
  • Fluid couplings on plant conveyors.
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