The Petacalco project is made up of two new overland belts with a 600 tph capacity to transport coal from the port of Lázaro Cárdenas to the Petacalco power plant located in Guerrero, Mexico.

The first belt has a length of 2.2 km and has a horizontal curve of 400 meters in radius while the second conveyor belt has a length of 3.3 km and includes four horizontal curves with radii of 900 meters and a horizontal curve of 1200 m in radius.

CDI developed the basic engineering, design review and control system for these belts for Duro Felguera Mining & Handling (DF). DF completed the detailed engineering, procurement and construction as part of a turnkey contract for the supply of the new coal discharge, storage and delivery facilities to the Petacalco power plant with a project value of USD 130M.

Year of Construction: 2019
Location: Mexico
Length : 2.2 km / 3.3 km
Power: 270 kW / 360 kW
Capacity: 600 tph
Strength: ST-800 N/mm
Velocity : 3.8 m/s; 4.2 m/s
Material: Coal

Interesting Features:

  • 400 meter radius horizontal bend using standard belt
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