Quintette Project

Quintette Project Analysis and Design – The overall system was experiencing controlled braking runaways, gear reducer and pulley failures, and numerous other problems. CDI was contracted to identify, analyze, and correct the problems. The project services included pulley design, dynamic analysis, brake system design, instrumentation, and control system design. The control system design included the logic development, programming (Allen Bradley PLC2/30), on-site commissioning and performance testing. The project included a 13 Km route with both a 7 Km and a 6 Km overland conveyor system and two downhill conveyors.

Year of Construction: 1986
Location: Quintette Mine, Tumbler Bridge, BC, Canada
Length : 19.0 km
Power: 6,111 kW
Capacity: 2,200 tph
Strength: ST-1600 N/mm
Velocity : 6.0 m/s
Material: Coal

Interesting Features:

  • Redesign of brake (existing brake proportional control caused runaway). Replaced with very fast acting hydraulic disk brake (70 msec)
  • Pulley re-design (corrected drive pulley design flaw)
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