Sepeteba Project

Sepeteba Project Design services include mechanical design, dynamic analysis, brake system design, instrumentation, and control system design. The control system design included the logic development, programming (Allen Bradley PLC5/40E), and on-site commissioning. The control system included a supervisory system (FactoryLink) provided by others.

The project is a 5.3 Km plant and overland conveyor system at up to 10,000 TPH for the transportation of iron ore. The system consists of three overland conveyors, ten plant conveyors, a wash plant and a sampler system. There are two silos with variable speed feeders, two of the plant conveyors are reversible to the stacker / reclaimers, two of the plant conveyors have moveable heads (one with four positions) and there are five moveable chutes. The system includes interfacing to two mobile stacker / reclaimers, a train dumper, and a ship loader all provided by other vendors.

Year of Construction: 2001
Location: Ferteco, Sepeteba, Brazil
Length : 10.367 km
Power: 9,725 kW
Capacity: 10,000 tph
Strength: EP-220, EP-320, and ST-1100 N/mm
Velocity : 4.8 m/s
Material: Iron Ore

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