Antelope Coal Project

Antelope Coal Project Design services included mechanical design, dynamic analysis, instrumentation, and control system design. The control system design included the logic development, programming (Allen Bradley PLC5/30), supervisory system (Rockwell software RS View32) development and programming, on-site commissioning and performance testing. The conveyor drives are Dodge-Reliance CST hydraulic drives with CDI controller.

The project is a 2 Km overland conveyor system at 7000 TPH for the transportation of coal. The system consists of four overland conveyors, a tri-roll crusher and a dual chain feeder.

Year of Construction: 1998
Location: Antelope Coal, Wright, Wyoming, USA
Length : 2.078 km
Power: 4,620 kW
Capacity: 7,000 tph
Strength: ST-1000 N/mm
Velocity : 5.6 m/s
Material: Coal

Interesting Features:

  • Dodge CST drives w/CDI controllers
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