The DEFT3a tachometer accurately and quickly converts the quadrature signal from an optical encoder to an accurate, noise-free analog signal for control or monitoring purposes.
  • Digital encoder filter
  • Extreme immunity to noise
  • Can be located at a great distance from the encoder
  • Optically isolated inputs
  • Wide input frequency range
  • Motion direction detection
  • Unipolar or bipolar output
  • Output voltage or current
  • Fast response and linear output
  • Very low ripple
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Optional high / low speed relay output


The Ninja Idler Change device is CDI's newest invention. The system allows mine personnel to safely change idler rolls without shutting down the conveyor. Currently, this technology is only available in new conveyors because our tool requires a custom idler frame and ground module assembly. Contact Conveyor Dynamic design team if you would like to include this unique technology in your next overland conveyor project.
  • Safely change idlers on a running conveyor
  • Personnel can remove idlers without crossing the plane of the pull cords
  • Requires custom engineered idler frames and ground module
  • Light enough for two people to assemble and operate by hand
  • Ninja idler extractor fits in a typical pickup truck

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